To see why I am so passionate about Ashtanga Yoga and why it is such a powerful practice, please check out this beautiful video by Luiz Veiga... he pretty much sums it all up.



with Michelle Lynn


“Only in a graceful body a graceful mind exists; only in a graceful mind a graceful self becomes possible; and only in a graceful self, the beyond.”




Lightness of Being...

Cultivate a sense of lightness both on and off the mat by learning to flow more gracefully through your practice.   We’ll discuss the details:  proper yoga breathing for dynamic asana practices, precise structural alignment in foundational postures and utilizing core strength to cultivate greater lightness and efficiency of practice while using less effort.  We’ll have an in-depth exploration of the “JUMPS”… jump-ups, jump-backs and jump-throughs of Vinyasa Yoga and discover and explore techniques for “rolling over the toes” and riding the waves of the breath to transition more smoothly between postures.  Learning to “float” will create a safer, gentler and more graceful “vinyasa” and bring a sense of lightness and ease into your body and mind.


Participation in both classes is highly recommended.  In the first class we will discover, practice and explore the concept of “floating” focusing on Sun Salutations and Standing Postures.  In the second class we will practice, re-cap and discuss problems, questions and concerns that may have come up and further explore the concept of “floating” focusing on Seated Postures and Finishing poses.  All levels welcome!


"A posture should be such that you can forget your body”



Saturday, February 28  and

Saturday, March 21


1:45 - 3:45 PM


$100 for both sessions, $60 single class based on space availability, pre-registration, pre-payment required.  


Call, text or E-mail Michelle to register today!!

(612) 940-9291  or


Michelle Lynn is a dedicated and disciplined yogi, practicing, studying and teaching for over 16 years.  Her passion and dedication is fueled by an intense, daily Ashtanga practice and feels the discipline of getting onto her mat and facing herself every day for all these years has been her greatest teacher. Her wealth of knowledge stems from traveling to India to study with her guru and intensive training from many of the top Yoga Masters from around the world.   


May 8-26, 2015 
Details coming soon!